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If the best things in life are free, then gifts are no exception. This festive season, Retro Eye Glasses by Tasha and annerlice is giving you a good definition of FREE in just 5 days (starting December 23 to December 27. We present to you the Shades + Shirts + Shorts promo Sshhhhh

It’s simple-

1. Buy a pair of frames from Retro Eye Glasses by Tasha and get a pair of pants (shorts) or a shirt from annerlice for FREE.

Or better still-
2. Buy an outfit from annerlice and get a pair of frames from Retro Eye Glasses by Tasha for absolutely FREE

This is an offer like no other and it’s running for just FIVE (5) days.

Call these numbers for further inquiries
024.450.5976/ 027.755.1610

Terms and conditions

– Only Full apparels (shirt and pants) with costs between GHS 300 and GHS 350 bought from annerlice will attract a free frame from Retro
– All other purchases below this amount will be sold without frames from Retro
– Multiple purchase (not necessarily shirt and pants) amounting GHS 300 and above will also attract a frame from Retro.

Retro– Only frames that amount GHS 300 and above will attract a shirt/ pants from annerlice
– Customers might not necessarily get a frame of their choice.
– Type of frame may be at Retro’s desecration

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