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It’s been three fulfilling years of bringing creativity to life and making our men step out in confidence.

The journey which began on August 8, 2013, has seen tremendous growth with our impressive list of clientele and customer base.

Our creativity is rooted in our rich culture and values which are represented in the thought processes which goes into naming our designs such as; Krakye (2015), Ahrabata (2016, January) and the recently launched, “Ɔkɔreɛ” (June 2016).

Your favorite men’s clothing line, annerlice is 3 and yes, we are celebrating our success with you.

As part of our 3rd anniversary, annerlice will from Monday, August 8, 2016, bring you a fantastic promo dabbed “Three For Free”.

It’s simple:

  • Buy two outfits from annerlice
  • Get a 20% discount on both outfits
  • Win an extra shirt of your choice FOR FREE!

So call us today or visit annerlice.com and grab two shirts from your favorite men’s clothing line; and you, like any deserving customer can be a winner.

Don’t forget to follow us on our digital media platforms; Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: annerlice

NB: Promo runs till end of August 2016

“Life can be easy”

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