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Ɔkɔreɛ‬” is the third major design from annerlice. The word “Ɔkɔreɛ‬” means an “eagle” in Akan (a Ghanaian dialect).

The eagle is arguably one of the most powerful birds on earth. It represents power and majesty; it’s free spirited, high soaring and very courageous.

A beautiful story is told about how the eagle can live up to about 70 years; but to reach this age, the eagle must go through a painful experience in its 40th year.

At this stage its long flexible talons can no longer grab prey. Its long sharp beak is bent, making it difficult to pick food. Its heavy wings, due to thickened feathers, make it difficult to fly; so the eagle is left with two options:

1. To wither and die
2. To go through a painful renaissance process in order to survive.

This painful renaissance process requires the eagle to build a nest at the top of a mountain. There, the eagle knocks its beak until it is plucked out. It waits till a new beak grows and then plucks it talons with the new beak. Once new talons are developed, the eagle then plucks its aged and heavy feathers and waits until new feathers grow.

After completing this painful process, the eagle then takes it famous flight of rebirth and will live for another 30 years.

“After Alex Offei Lartey (a friend) narrated this story to me, I had my light bulb”- Kwabena Anaafi (Founder/Creative designer- annerlice).

The design “Ɔkɔreɛ‬”, just like the eagle stands for maturity and confidence. “Ɔkɔreɛ‬ is here to stay and will continue to reinvent itself for as long as our clients desire. The beautiful fusion of three unique fabrics display how simplicity can bring out confidence in every individual who wears the outfit.

So the next time you wear an “Ɔkɔreɛ‬”, know that you, like the eagle, soar in confidence.

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Annerlice will like to thank every individual whose contribution made the launch of Ɔkɔreɛ a success.

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A special thank you going to the team that worked on the design (Ɔkɔreɛ)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Rogue lens (Jlim)





Elis Makeover

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  • Akwasi Boateng (Stranger)
  • Nana Amoako Opoku Sarpong
  • Cyril Harding
  • Sarkodie Acheampong Nana Dua
  • Daniel Kakabaah (Kaka Danny)
  • Jeffery Siaw

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