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  • Did somebody say Monday?  Well Time to stand out!
    7 days ago Did somebody say Monday? • Well... Time to stand out! December is here already. Wait no more... Grab an outfit today from our uniquely tailored catalogue this festive season • Life can be easy (Call 024.450.5976)
  • Its Monday Lets work!  STANDOUT in a CAREFULLY tailored
    3 weeks ago It’s Monday... Let’s work! _________ STANDOUT in a CAREFULLY tailored outfit from  @annerlice  as we approach the festive season. Don’t be a ‘late shopper’ Chale ___________ Call/WhatsApp us today on 027.755.4252/024.450.5976 or visit our website (link in bio) for all designs and orders ____________ ‘Life can be easy’ ✂️
  • Who shops in December?  Dont be a late shopper
    4 weeks ago Who shops in December? _________ Don’t be a late ‘shopper’. Call annerlice today and grab an outfit for yourself or that special someone this festive season. __________ Call/WhatsApp 027.755.4252/024.450.5976 and enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL ORDERS ___________ ‘Life can be easy’ ✂️
  • At the end of the day be bold stand out
    1 month ago At the end of the day, be bold, stand out and wear an #Ɔkɔreɛ‬ from annerlice ____________________ The Lord Paul Yaw Boateng, Baron Boateng
  • Monday  ahrabata
    2 months ago Monday ☀️  #ahrabata 
  • You know it pays to be different right? Uniquely tailored
    2 months ago You know it pays to be different right? Uniquely tailored with you in mind  #Opabene 
  • kre
    2 months ago #Ɔkɔreɛ‬
  • Its a holiday alright Feel easy  Grab 1 of
    3 months ago It’s a holiday alright... Feel easy ___________ Grab 1 of our unisex designs  #agro  from annerlice today for yourself or a love one __________ Call/WhatsApp annerlice today on 024.450.5976/ 027.755.4252 _________ ‘Life can be easy’
  • We do this with you our clients in mind Grab
    3 months ago We do this with you (our clients) in mind. Grab an  #Opabene  from annerlice today for that special gentleman. _____ Call/WhatsApp 024.450.5976 today and enjoy discounts on our ongoing promo 4 + FREE _______ ‘Life can be easy’
  • Still in the spirit Happy Eid
    4 months ago Still in the spirit Happy Eid
  •  swipe  Take advantage of our ongoing promo 4
    4 months ago ... swipe... ________________ Take advantage of our ongoing promo: 4 + FREE _________ Get a 20% discount on all orders or buy 5 outfits and pay for the price of 4 _____________ ‘Life can be easy’
  • Celebrating a believer a motivator and a friend Thanks for
    4 months ago Celebrating a believer, a motivator and a friend. Thanks for the support in every step of the way. Happy Birthday  @sammyforson  .

Life can be easy”


“For the Young Men”



If the best things in life are free, then gifts are no exception. This festive season, Retro Eye Glasses by Tasha and annerlice is giving you a good definition of FREE in just 5 days (starting December 23 to December 27. We present to you the Shades + Shirts + Shorts...


We are ending 2017 in an exciting style with our 4th and final unisex design for the year; oh yeah you read right! It’s a design for both guys and ladies. If you are a lover of shorts, then ‘Agro’ is for you. This design is accompanied with the ‘Dzakhet’ shirt....


Today (May 19, 2017), Annerlice will unveil its fourth mainstream design. This design called Opabene is unique for its 4 in 1 collection of amazing designs fit for all occasions. Inspired by the resilient nature of the African gentleman who thrives despite limited...

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